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Road Trip Podcasts

The family piled into the minvan recently for our annual road trip to the Branson area to visit with my wife's aunt & uncle on Tablerock Lake.

Thanks again to Bud & Connie.  A great time once again.

A 12-hour drive is not fun.  It's especially not fun in Kansas (sorry Kansans).  To pass time, I listen to podcasts.  Some of the ones I listen to are 1-hour long, and some are about 25-minutes long.  This really does help as you get into a story, or topic, and that 20 minutes flies by.  I save them up, as I listen to many of these daily.

Following are some of my favorite.  Add them to your list, and share your favorites with me.

1. - Planet Money.  I've been listening to this NPR gem since inception during the 2008 financial crisis.  Recent topics I have enjoyed include:  the origins of Duty Free, the economics of Phosporous, and "Vodka Proof".  Episodes are about 20-25 minutes.

2. - Freakonomics.  If you haven't read the books, buy or borrow the first book and enjoy.  The podcast is more of the same.  Trust me on this one.  You'll enjoy.  Episodes are about 44 minutes.

3. - Radiolab.  This is my favorite.  It's my daughter's favorite (nice to bond with a teenager).  You'll be blown away by some of these mostly science based stories.  You MUST listen to "Death Mask" - do NOT read about the episode, just listen, you'll love the twist.  Episodes are 50 minutes (+/- 10).

4. - This American Life. This "podcast" has been around longer than the term podcast.  Just great stories that are an hour long.  A Gold Standard.

5. 99% Invisible.  My friend Luis turned me on to this one.  Subtleties and origins of the small things in life.  Wonder about the origins of the iconic black & white soccer ball?  Want to learn about the different colors the aircraft carrier personnel wear?  This is the one for you.  About 40 Minutes long.