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Gratitude Wealth Management

Latvian Heritage

Many people ask why is my Latvian heritage so important. 

Growing up we were made well aware of our Latvian heritage as it's a very small country that was occupied and absorbed into the Soviet Union.  During the occupation it was very important for the Latvian diaspora around the globe (USA, Canada, UK, Australia) to keep the language, customs, songs, dance, symbols, and history alive as the Russian influence and language became primary in the Soviet Union.

It's interesting that my parent's generation are likely the last to speak a true Latvian dialect.  Those in Latvia say that Latvian American's speak with a bit of an accent, while Latvian American's hear a bit of a Russian influenced accent in Latvia.

The Gratitude Wealth logo may appear to be mountains to those in my home state of Colorado.  Latvians see it as a Jumis.  This is an ancient Latvian Symbol for prosperity and good fortune, often found above the entrance to one's home.

If you would like to hear more about my heritage and my dad's journey to the USA via New Orleans and Texas, or my mom's journey via a month stay at Ellis Island, just ask.