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Jesuit Education

I graduated with an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago.  Loyola is part of a network of over 700 Jesuit Universities globally.  There are 29 in the US including Marquette, Regis, Creighton, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Xavier, and St. Louis University. 

The mission statement of Loyola University of Chicago is:  

"We are Chicago's Jesuit, Catholic University:  a diverse commuity seeking God in all things and working to expand knowledge in the service of humaity through learning, justice, and faith."

The Ignation hertiage is the living legacy of Ignatius Loyola, one of the founders of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).  It is a rich hertiage of faith, seekig God in everyday life; a profound commitment to the poor and to issues of social responsibility and justice.  Ignatius believed that it is imperative to act upon what is learned-to use our values in service to humanity.  We are called to make a difference as "persons for others."