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My Latvian Heritage is important to me. 

My logo has dual meaning as it looks like a stylized mountain range that I'm fortunate to see each morning. 

It also is a stylized Jumis. 

Latvian ethnogrophy is full of ancient symbols.  The Jumis is one of them.



The symbol of Jumis (pr. Yoo-mis), the Baltic Pagan God who personified the harvest. The symbol of Jumis is two stylized, crossed grain stalks, a glyph which may be related to the sanskrit word for ‘twin.’ The two tied stalks are reminiscent of offerings left after the gathering in of the grain; they represent the two faces of the God, who is also related to the Roman Janus.

 The symbol is one of prosperity and good fortune, and is often found on clothing and decorative painting.

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